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Here are helpful guidelines to get you through your first competition

Before the Competition:
1. Send in Entry Form in Time. Entry Forms for Inside Competitions are usually do 2-4 weeks before the competition. Entry Forms for Highland Games are usually do 4-6 weeks before the competition. Entry Forms for all competition are usually available anywhere from 1 month to 4 months in advanced.
Check with Marie first to see what dances you should sign up for...specially if this is your first competition. Bring the form into Marie, so that she can check that you did everything properly.
2. Three weeks before the competition...try your outfits on to make sure that they still fit. If there is a problem...let Marie know right away.
3. Two weeks before the competition...remind Marie that you are competing and what dances you have signed up for.
4. One week before the comeptition, cut your toe nails. Do NOT do this the night before the competition.
5. Night before competition...gather all of your outfits check to make sure that you have everything, including your FUSTA card.
6. Day of competition. Put your hair into a bun before arriving at the competition. You need to arrive at the competition one hour before it starts. When you get to the competition go to the registration table and see if they are handing out numbers yet. Every dancer will have a number that they put on the their kilts. Once you get your number...get dressed into what ever outfit you need to wear first. This is usually the kilt outfit, except for in Trail B.C. they usually do national outfits first. Once you get dressed check in with Marie to make sure that your dancer looks ok and that you haven't missed anything. If Marie isn't at that competition...check with one of her older dancers or parent that you recognize.
7. At the competition...Parents please do not talk badly about any other parent, dancer or teacher whether they are at the competition or not. You never know who is sitting behind, in front or be side you. Most of the time, flash photography is not allowed during the competition, but usually during the awards it is fine. Parents are not allowed in the line up area. Please make sure that your dancer is ready before you send them up. Alot of times there will only be one call for the dancer to go to the line up area. Pay attention to the program so that you will know what is going on and where we are in the dances.
8. Dancers for awards...If your number is called to get receive an award, please go to the stage. Listen for when your number is called, step forward, and then bow or curtesy (depending on outfit). Please clap for all dancers, and DO NOT show discouraging faces if someone receives a higher medal or trophy than you. Always congradulate others dancers when the awards are over.
For more detailed lists and information...refer to your Dancer Notebook under the Competition Section.

Outfit Check Off List:
General Items Needed:
Directions to Competition
Competition Number if they were mailed
Wrist Bands to get in if they were mailed
(Above for Highland Games only)
Highland Outfit:
Spankies (Black cheerleading briefs)
National Outfit:
Plaid for shoulder
Socks or nylons
Hornpipe Oufit:
Socks (White, Navy or Black)
Jig Shoes
Jig Dress
Jig Shoes
Socks or Nylons

The above lists are only suggestions. Please refer to your handbook for complete lists and directions.